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Created and conceptualised by world renowned luxury beauty, fragrance and grooming specialist Estee Lauder, Aramis is today as luxurious and as symbolic of prestige men’s care as it’s ever been. Aramis is a brand that stands for masculinity and sophistication in equal measure – and incorporates fragrances sold in more than 130 countries around the world. 
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Aramis Voyager


Aramis Classic


Aramis Gentlemen


Aramis Gentlemen's Collection


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Aramis Classic – A classic scent expressing masculinity – as traditional as it is refined.

Aramis Classic is the original scent of Aramis – a fragrance that entwines leathery accords with fresh, alluring overtones of artemisia, bergamot, clover and thyme. Completing this scent’s blend is then an up springing of atchouli, sage, orris root and cardamom which adds warmth and depth.

Aramis Classic is intense, woody and sensually distinctive – a powerful choice for the modern man seeking an unmistakable scent.

Aramis Gentlemen – Enduring sophistication created and encapsulated for the stylish, modern man

Aramis Gentlemen was a fragrance created as a natural successor to Aramis Classic – an Eau de Toilette developed with an eye always on the inspiration gained from Aramis, yet refreshing the fragrance for the modern, stylish man. Gentlemen is a scent for the chivalrous and a fragrance for the refined; created with a heady heart where saffron and oregano blend, this fragrance exudes warmth with a fresh signature created from vetiver, tobacco leaf absolute, myrrh and ambergris. Each of which serve as the undertones to the valiant notes of Laska leaves – denoting the self-assured approach of Aramis Gentlemen.

Aramis Gentlemen’s Collection – A resurgence of classic fragrances

Aramis Gentlemen’s Collection includes fragrances blended in yesteryear and refreshed for today’s man.

- Life: A scent made for the aspiring modern man, Life is a fragrance for the bright and the bold; defined by citrus, lime and spearmint.

- Devin: Tranquil yet invigorating, this fresh scent has been blended from orange, lavender and leather to create an impression that is as crisp, as it is warming.

- 900 Herbal: A classically timeless scent that compels with rosewood and that magnetises with Patchouli – the perfect equilibrium between bright florals and soothing earthy tones.

- JHL: A bespoke blend crafted from sensual orange and smouldering pimento – a fragrance that is as revitalising, as it is restrained and earthly.

- New West for Him: A fresh sea-like scent combining lavender, pine and watermelon for a fragrance that is definitively exotic, yet entirely naturalistic.

-Tuscany Sensual: A complex compilation of fusions, Tuscany Sensual is a journey for the senses – from the alluring aromas of lavender and cardamom, to the strength and invigoration of lime, and onto the unmistakable oakmoss and patchouli.

Aramis Modern Leather - A spicy, modern fragrance 

Launched in Sept 2017, Aramis Modern Leather eau de Parfum is a twist on the theme of the classic Aramis for the modern man.
Aramis Modern Leather is a spicy, modern fragrance with the key note of leather.
Aramis Modern Leather opens with notes of Basil and Thyme, melting into the heart of Geranium and Patchouli and finishing with the everlasting notes of Leather and oakmoss.

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