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Renowned as a pioneer of the fashion industry, Calvin Klein’s iconic styles boast the classic all-American look. As one of the most widely recognised names in fashion, Calvin Klein was born in 1942 and taught himself how to sew and sketch.

Most recognised for his signature denim jean style, Calvin Klein captures contemporary styles and merges them with his own unique twist. With a wide catalogue of fragrances, Calvin Klein perfumes and aftershaves express essential elements of spirit and youth. From the sophistication and sexiness of the collection fragrances Obsession & Eternity, to the modern edge of CK One and CK Be, Calvin Klein fragrances embody the essence of modern men and women.
flame edp

Calvin Klein Eternity For Women Flame

ck women

Calvin Klein Women

obsessed int men and women

Calvin Klein Obsessed Intense

obsessed m and w

Calvin Klein Obsessed

deep euphoria

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Eau De Parfum For Women


Calvin Klein CK2


Calvin Klein Beauty


Calvin Klein CK Be


Calvin Klein CKIN2U for Her


Calvin Klein CKIN2U for Him


Calvin Klein CK One


Calvin Klein Eternity for Men


Calvin Klein Eternity for Women


Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men


Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women


Calvin Klein Obsession for Men


Calvin Klein Obsession for Women


Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty


A renowned favourite from the Calvin Klein fragrance collection is Calvin Klein CK2. Referred to as the gender free fragrance, Calvin Klein CK2 boasts a youthful and fresh scent. Embodying the thrill of life immersed with an urban and woody aroma, Calvin Klein CK1 celebrates the diversity of connections between two people.

Introduced in 2005, the Euphoria collection hosts a whole catalogue of fragrances including Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women, Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria and Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men.

Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men captures the soft and sexy side of seduction. Addictive and woody with a streak of freshness, Euphoria reveals an unforgettable and intense expression of Calvin Klein sensuality.

Euphoria for Him fuses together a surge of alluring and spicy freshness that is chilled with icy notes. Warming the fragrances with a rich aromatic heart of peppery notes, Euphoria for Him Intense is darker, warmer aftershaves, refined with added sweetness for a classic Calvin Klein scent.

Launched in March 2007, Calvin Klein CKIN2U for Her was designed for a generation with no limits. Bold, charismatic and modern, these iconic characteristics were recognised widely in each of the Calvin Klein perfumes and aftershaves. With a CKIN2U for Him, the fresh fragrance blend of lime and grapefruit, together with frosted tangelo helped to uplift and inspire each of the senses.

Adding a feminine and charismatic perfume to their collection, Calvin Klein released Calvin Klein Beauty in 2010. Capturing the unique scent of a lily, the fragrance indulges in the space of ambrette seeds, which add an aroma of warmth, while the jasmine scent enhances the floral signature.

Diverting away from the classic fragrance sector, Calvin Klein was renowned for their unisex fragrances. Especially with their iconic fragrance Calvin Klein CK Be, the unique blend of herbs, citrus and flora is classic with a clean and fresh Calvin Klein twist.

Widely known for his unique composition when it came to aftershaves, Calvin Klein’s fragrances for men opened with ambition, scope and freshness. Calvin Klein Free Eau de Toilette expresses an essence of absinthe and jackfruit. Merging together the distinctive scent of suede, coffee and tobacco and then infused with sensuality ironwood, oakwood and patchouli, leaving an iconic sensual and masculine fragrance.

The Calvin Klein One collection is a universal scent, which inspires those with the confidence to be yourself and connect with others. An enduring classic, the Calvin Klein One collection blends a medley of bergamot, lemon, pineapple and papaya. Provocative, edgy and risqué, the Calvin Klein CK One Shock for Her opens with an exotic bouquet of passionflower and liquid chocolate accord. Boasting an addictive scent, the fragrance represents love and life. With a fragrance also for men, the Calvin Klein CK One Shock for Him is an electrifying aftershave that masters energy, youth and love.

Mysterious and seductive, in 2012 Calvin Klein released Encounter for men. The sensual, woody fragrance begins with an inviting breath of freshness immersed mandarin, cardamom and rum. The rich notes of pepper, jasmine, patchouli and cognac blended with an exotic blend of woods and musks created the irresistible fragrance that is Encounter.

In 2013, Calvin Klein released Downtown, a fragrance for women. Helping to give women a unique and distinctive fragrance, the perfume exerted an attitude of confidence and sophistication. With a warm and youthful feel, Downtown by Calvin Klein combines notes of Italian cedrat, bergamot and Tunisian neroli for a classic brightness with nuances of fresh green pear and dewy watery plum.

After the success of Calvin Klein’s Eternity collection in 1988, the Eternity Aqua fragrance line was released to the perfume market in 2010. With a perfume for women and an aftershave for men, Eternity aqua has been described as a modern fragrance, merged with casual elegance and charm.

Clean and fresh, the intensely aquatic Calvin Klein Eternity for Men embodies the scent of the ocean. Capturing the true essence of the modern man, Aqua opens up the crystalline notes of sparkling citruses, cucumber and watery lotus before deepening into a substantial heart of lavender, plum and pepper. With a woody and musky base, the Aqua collection embarks and a cool and memorable fragrance journey.

Inspired love and intimacy, Calvin Klein Eternity for Women is the ultimate romantic scent. With classic and contemporary notes, Eternity exerts a luminous and bespoke fragrance that express quality and modern style. Fresh and bright, this luxurious fragrance envelopes skin with a floral scent immersed with the sensual drydown of woods and musk.

However, Calvin Klein’s fragrances don’t end there. With a whole catalogue of bespoke and luxurious scents, Calvin Klein has a scent to suit everyone. Including Calvin Klein Obsession for Men, Calvin Klein Obsession for Women, Calvin Klein Reveal and Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty. Delivering modern and sophisticated styles for both men and women, Calvin Klein banish stereotypes with their unique unisex fragrances.

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