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Chlamydia Testing in Luton


Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection. It is more prevalent in sexually active men and women under the age of 25. Chlamydia is transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse. For most people, chlamydia can show no symptoms thus having a test is the only way to confirm a diagnosis. Symptoms of the infection are pain while urinating, discharge from the penis, vagina or the rectum and or bleeding after sexual intercourse.

National Chlamydia screening programme (NCSP) is available in selected pharmacies, contraception clinics or colleges that allows people under the age of 25 to have a free confidential chlamydia test done. The test is very simple and is carried out with a urine sample or a swab and a physical examination is not necessary. A test is recommended if you have a new partner, split condom or suspected STI infection.

It is important to have the test as early as possible to treat the infection and prevent complications occurring. Complications can include infertility in both men and women, pelvic pain and testicular problems in males.

Chlamydia Testing is offered by Birdsfoot Lane Pharmacy Luton. This test is free for a certain category of Patients living in Luton. Call us to book an appointment: 01582 591616.

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