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From accessories to fragrance, Davidoff Aftershave and Perfumes offer some of the world's finest luxury lifestyle products. With a globally recognised fragrance collection including his signature scent Cool Water, Adventure and Champion, each boasting Zino Davidoff's philosophy of aesthetic refinement and high quality materials.
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With his first fragrance launching in 1984, Zino Davidoff was a man with a sense for essentials. Taking each moment in his stride, Zino Davidoff made his enjoyment his philosophy. As a successful businessman, Zino Davidoff had a great sense of humour and was considered an artist. He believed in simplicity and always tried to enrich life doing things that he enjoyed.

Delivering a wide portfolio of products, the Zino Davidoff Group owns and manages the brand Davidoff for watches, leather goods, writing equipment, ties, foulards and cufflinks, women’s accessories, fragrances, eyewear, coffee and cognac

Many came from all over the world to embrace Zino Davidoff’s philosophy. Enjoying his finest and purest cigars, today's Davidoff has a few different trademark owners for specific product categories. For example, Imperial Tobacco and Oettinger Davidoff Group own trademarks for tobacco products. Separately, the Zino Davidoff Group is a family business that is Swiss-based and creates Fragrances, Watches, Coffee, Cognac, Writing instruments, Eyewear and Leather goods.

Launching his first fragrance in 1984, the brand has since become one of the most iconic perfume and after shave brands. After releasing a worldwide best seller to their perfume collection, the widely recognised Davidoff Cool Water developed a pioneer aquatic and refreshing theme. Created by Pierre Bourdon, this fresh and masculine fragrance is still one of the most successful in the market. Even today, Today, this fresh, contemporary classic remains a go-to fragrance for countless men around the world.

Oozing notes of energetic bergamot and invigorating peppermint, aromatic rosemary and lavender, pineapple and galbanum immersed with the floral scent of jasmine, honeysuckle, orange blossom. However, it is the woodiness of Davidoff Cool Water that helps add a masculine touch to the fragrance. Indulged with juniper berries, sandalwood, cedar, tobacco and oakmoss and a hint of spicy coriander, this unique blend of ingredients has encourage Davidoff Cool Water to be one of the most popular aftershaves on the market.

However, it wasn’t until 1996 until finally the female version of Cool Water was released. A Pierre Bourdon creation, Cool Water For Her invites you to a fruity composition of blackcurrant, honeydew melon, quince and pineapple. Immersed with lotus blossum, waterlily, jasmine and may rose, the lightweight and floral fragrance captures the essence of water. Combining base notes of sandalwood, orris, mulberry and honey-like peach, this lightweight, feminine version of Davidoff Cool Water is a perfect composition for an everyday floral fragrance.

Developing an iconic scent loved me many, many more refreshing editions were added to the Davidoff collection. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Davidoff Horizon encapsulates the  contrast between the earth and the sky. Embracing an aromatic, woody scent, this refreshing blend boasts a powerful masculine fragrance. Beginning with light, airy top notes of invigorating rosemary and ginger, the vibrant contact of vetiver and cedar engulfed with rich cocoa help to infuse an added warmth, texture and sensuality.

Launched in February 2008, Davidoff Adventure invites you to a rush of excitement and emotion. Pushing boundaries, this addictive fragrance invites you to a spicy, woody composition. Adding a raw and masculine touch to the fragrance, the mandarin, lemon and bergamot help to conjure the sudden freshness of a rain forest after a shower.

Erotic, risqué and masculine, Davidoff Hot Water boasts the magnetic charisma of innate power and instincts. Setting pulses racing, Davidoff Hot Water is a fiery oriental fragrance featuring red basil, absinthe and wormwood. Released in 2009, the dark red designs displays an obvious contrast to the Davidoff Cool collection. Boasting a darker, more sensual personality, Davidoff Hot Water is a jubilant and spicy fragrance immersed with masculine virtue and sensual warmth.

Combining physical and mental strength, Davidoff Champion delivers a fresh and victorious character. With a carefully selected blend of  bergamot and lemon, this zesty blend creates an energetic start to awaken each of your senses. With a charismatic and unique bottle design resembling the shape of a dumbbell, Davidoff later released Davidoff Champion Energy in 2011. Embodying audacity and power, Davidoff Champion Energy is an aftershave for men with top notes of bergamot and grapefruit.

A powerful, elegant fragrance with an amazing contrast of vibrancy and sensuality, Davidoff The Game encourages you to live life to the fullest. Bursting with energy and invigorating scent, the masculine woods and vetiver provide an irresistible attraction. Available in a deodorant stick and Intense Eau de Toilette, the aromatic accord is swiftly followed by vibrant spices and textured iris. For those looking for ultimate seduction, David The Game Intense Eau de Toilette is an enriched fragrance with of burst of freshness.

With a whole catalogue of fragrances, Davidoff have been adding to their collection since their first debut in 1984. Their wide range of fragrances caters for both men and women and each resemble their signature scent, Davidoff Cool Water. Still a brand widely recognised across the globe, their fragrances are still enormously favoured by perfume admirers. Exploring with quirky and fun bottle styles, Davidoff’s aftershave and perfume collection are inspired by the life of Zino Davidoff.

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