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Lip Fillers Luton

When people look at a face the eyes are drawn to the lips and a full smile is considered to be both attractive and sensual. Lip shape and fullness are very individual things and can vary from woman to woman and range from very full lips to those that are quite thin and as women get older their lips tend to lose plumpness as well.

When used, the lip fillers will provide not only plump the lips but also help to smooth out any fine lines that may be present making the mouth more attractive. As the mouth is a very sensitive area and is made up of delicate tissues, a local anaesthetic has been incorporated in the formulation, to reduce the discomfort caused by the lip plumping injections.

About Lip Plumping and Shaping in Luton

The hyaluronic acid lip fillers Luton uses have been specifically developed to increase the volume of the lip area and make them plumper and more attractive. The mouth is unique as the delicate tissues that make up the mouth needs to be both soft and extremely sensitive to function properly.

Products have been especially developed to achieve as natural a result as possible and one that lasts for as long as possible.

This is achieved by:

Adding volume that is natural looking

Correcting any lip discrepancies by keeping the lips in proportion, this is good for lips that are naturally unequal

Giving the lips a good shape and well defined outline

Improving the lip texture making them soft and smooth helped by using a product that is a smooth gel consistency

Filling in any fine lines around the mouth caused by smoking, aging or character lines helping to rejuvenate your look

Making the procedure less painful by adding local anaesthetic to the specifically designed product

We also can use Juvederm Voluma, Volift And Volbella for all our Dermal Filler treatments.
Dermal Filler may be used in the following treatment areas:
  • Smile lines*, also called nasolabial folds, which run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • Vertical lip lines*, which form above the upper lip
  • Corners of the mouth*, which can turn downward and give the look of a constant frown
  • Marionette lines*, which begin at the corners of the mouth and extend down toward the chin
  • Augmenting cheeks to enhance their shape, often restoring youthful fullness
  • Filling out depressions (hollows) under the eye area
  • Making indented scars from acne or chicken pox more even with surrounding skin
  • Increasing volume to fill out gauntness in the lower cheek or temple area, which most often occurs due to fat pads shifting beneath the surface of skin

For more information please see our Practitioner site:

Dermal Fillers Summary

Best Results

Treatment every 6-14 months

Recovery time

48 hours

Treatment time

1 hour


30 mins


Asymmetry, Infections, Bruising, Swelling, Allergic reaction


£250 for 1ml Dermal Filler Syringe ( Juvederm )

Am I suitable for Juvederm Dermal Filler treatment in Luton?

If you are concerned about the appearance of lines or wrinkles on the face, or would like to reshape your Lips, Nose, Chin, Cheeks or rejuvenate your hands, then treatment with Dermal Fillers will be suitable for you. Botulinum toxin treatment may also be beneficial to relax active facial lines. You should be aware of the limitations, side effects and risks before deciding if Dermal Filler treatment is right for you.

Are there any contra-indications to Juvederm Dermal Filler treatment?

You should not have treatment with Dermal Fillers if you are Pregnant or Breast-feeding, have an active skin disorder on the face or area to be treated, a current infection, any extreme allergic states, severe illness, auto-immune disorders or active cold sores.

How is Juvederm Dermal Filler treatment performed?

Initial consultation will determine the goals of treatment, make note of any associated medical conditions and plan the optimum treatment to achieve the ideal result in each patient. Treatment is carried out in the out-patient setting and takes 30 – 60 minutes. A topical local anaesthetic cream is applied to the area(s); face, nose or hands. For most areas the Magic Needle is used, which provides the most comfortable and atraumatic treatment possible which is greatly superior to a standard needle treatment.

Will the Juvederm treatment be painful / cause bruising?

The use of skin cooling or topical local anaesthetic cream with ensure minimal discomfort is expected during the treatment and no bruising should occur with the careful technique used.

How much do Juvederm Dermal Filler treatments cost?

At Birdsfoot Lane Pharmacy, Luton we use Bocouture and BOTOX as a toxin and Belotero and Juvederm as a Filler made by Allergan and Merz Aesthetics; which has provided us with fantastic results for our clients.

Treatments Price
Lips £250
Lipstick lines £250
Nose to mouth lines £250
Cheeks £250
Sagging lip corners £250
Chin wrinkles £250
Marionette lines £250

What precautions are there following treatment with Juvederm Dermal Fillers?

Following your treatment you should avoid smoking and alcohol for 24 hours. Avoid vigorous activity and sun/sun-beds for 2 days and do not massage the area for 5 days. With treatments to reshape the nose, cheeks or chin – you must avoid pressure on these areas for 5 days, sleep on your back. Women are able to wear normal make-up the morning after the treatment.

How will the results be seen?

Improvement in the skin, lips, nose cheek and chin are visible immediately after your treatment with Belotero. You should look good, with little or no visible effects of your treatment the next morning, being able to return to work.

How long will the Juvederm result last?

Dermal Filler treatments are expected to maintain the improvement for 6 to 12 months, depending on the area(s) treated and specific product used. Repeat treatments are recommended approximately every 6 to 12 months to maintain the improvement.

What are the risks of Juvederm Dermal Filler treatment?

Firstly, Dermal Filler treatments are very safe with minimal side effects or risks provided the treatment is performed by a qualified and trained practitioner. Side effects such as mild pain with the injection, mild redness at the injection sites or mild bruising can occur but should be temporary and limited. Reactions following Dermal Fillers are rare.
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