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The Michael Kors selection of fragrance and beauty is inspired by his signature code of luxury in his fashion designs. Adding a hint of glam, sexy and sporty into each of his fragrances and perfumes, Michael Kors believe in expressing every personality through colour and scent.
sexy ruby

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby


Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence

mk exterme night

Michael Kors For Men Extreme Night

mk men

Michael kors For Men Eau de Toilette

michaelkors sexy blossom

Michael Kors Sexy Blossom Eau De Parfum


Michael Kors Wonderlust


Michael Kors Extreme Blue

Michael Kors Collection

Michael Kors Collection


Michael Kors Women


With a large following of loyal fans across the world, Michael Kors is renowned for his signature and luxurious style. Embodying the past, present and future, his design formula combines the perfect blend of ease, simplicity and luxury. However, Michael Kors isn’t the designers original name. Following in the footsteps of fashion design icons, Karl Anderson Jr. changed his name to Michael David Kors when he was just five years old after his mother remarried.

Having started designing clothes at age 19, Michael dropped out of FIT to design for small Manhattan boutiques. Considered as an overnight success, Michael Kors sudden rise to fame came quite quickly in comparison to his competitors. After 18 years in the business, Michael Kors fully indulges in what he loves best, fashion. Michael Kors has received numerous awards for his work, including two Council of Fashion Designers of America awards in 1999 and 2003 for first his womenswear and then his menswear. In 2010, Kors was also the youngest recipient of the CFDA's Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award.

At the age of 23, Michael Kors convinced formidable fashion editor Anna Wintour to view his collection, helping to put his name on the fashion map.

Simple, comfortable and luxurious, Michael Kors’ early creates are still at the core of his designs even today. Varying from season to season, his classic clothing designs are emphasised by bespoke luxury. Made evident in his fabric choices, many of his collections are created using cashmere, leather and fur. Over the years, Michael Kors has grown from strength to strength, replicating his signature style in each of his creations. Even displayed within his fragrance line, the simple and muted compositions define his influential technique.

However, his passion for design and trademark style doesn’t end there, Kors also loves fragrances. Considering them his personal creations, Michael Kors launched his first women’s perfume in 2000 and in 2001 he unveiled his last men’s aftershave.

Sleek and provocative, Michael Kors Extreme Blue delivers a new and unique dynamic for masculinity. Adding a fresh and urban twist of a modern classic, this bold and magnetic fragrance is perfect for those with no limits. Indulged with a woody aromatic fragrance, Michael Kors Extreme Blue boasts key notes of Bergamot, Juniper, Angelica Seed and Ambrox. Opening with bergamot, the angelica seed and pink pepper, the scent embraces a spicy zest at its heart. Offering an invigorating effect, the fragrance invites you to a luxurious blend of cool spice. At its core, Michael Kors Extreme Blue oozes a classic masculine scent of juniper and cypress, with nutty undertones of sesame blend and herbaceous sage for an ultimate creamy and fresh effect. Creating a velvety sensation, the intoxicating scent of ambrox indulges the aftershave in a warmth and sensual scent. Exerting a musky scent, this luxurious fragrance finishes with a touch of patchouli, infusing the fragrance with an earthy, intriguing aroma.

The Michael Kors Fragrance Collection entices perfume lovers into three different categories, Glam, Sexy and Sporty. Entwining into different personalities, the Michael Kors Fragrance Collection obtains Michael Kors’ simple and classic style, yet each have their own individual twist.

The Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Eau de Parfum unveils an indulgent and tempting fragrance, immersed with floral notes, jasmine and cassis. Adding a touch of sparkling citrus, this light and ever so glamorous fragrances plunges into a seductive essence of sandal wood.

For those seeking an irresistible expression of Michael Kors style, then look no further than Michael Kors Sexy Amber Eau de Parfum. Engulfed in a soft, sweet fragrance of white flower, the undeniably sultry fragrance of sandalwood and amber, immersed with a luxurious dash of orange and mandarin indulges this fragrance with instant sex appeal.

Representing the casual and simple esque of Michael Kors’ signature style, the Michael Kors Sporty Citrus Eau de Parfum opens with a refreshing cleanse of orange and mandarin. Energetic and playful, the orange flower entwine a sense of luxury and warmth, with a laid back sensuality.

Boasting the ultimate chic fragrance accompanied with timeless luxury, Michael Kors White is a passionate tribute to one of fashion’s most admired colours. Keeping his bottle designs simple and classic, the gleaming tone of white boasts nothing but innocence and luxury. Opening with a fresh and dewy composition of greenery and delicate flowers brushed with aldehydes. The enchanting floral scent of of velveteen gardenia, jasmine and plush white peony entwines the perfect everyday fragrance. Immersed with a base of tonka, vanilla and amber, this provocative finish to the fragrance adds a subtle bold touch.

Creating a fragrance similar to his fashion collection, Michael Kors Woman is both comfortable and stylish. Warm and wearable, the cream florals entwined with exotic spices create the perfect perfume. Encapsulating the glamorous night-life of Palm Beach and St. Tropez, this sophisticated and sensual fragrance contains familiar notes to his other aftershaves and perfumes. The mix of dewy freesia and Moroccan incense creates an exotic and jubilant feeling.

Widely recognised across the glove, the Michael Kors fragrance collection boasts a catalogue of fragrances that please both men and women. Entailed with a trademark fragrance and style, the collection indulges in the latest style and trends in the creative industry. Mirroring Michael Kors’ fashion collection, there is a fragrance to suit everyone. From simple to glamorous, his designs and creations have captured the eyes, hearts and noses of almost everyone across the world.

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