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The name Nina Ricci is synonymous with luxury, sophistication and femininity; the art of the couturier present in every aspect of the house's fashion and fragrance lines. Always refined, always romantic, always feminine: Nina Ricci’s Perfume signature style will always remain as part of her collection.

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Nina Ricci, Nina


After beginning as a highly talented dressmaker apprentice at the age of 13, Maria Nielli soon found her calling and devoted herself entirely to design. Born in Turin in 1883, Maria Nielli moved to Florence with her family at the age of five and then to France in 1895. Maria continued to pursue her love for fashion throughout her teenage years, creating and developing styles that would soon be recognised across the globe.

In 1904, Maria married Italian jeweller and composer Luigi Ricci and upon her arrival she combined her nickname ‘Nina’ with her husband’s last name ‘Ricci’ which created her iconic name as we know it today. In 1908 Nina welcomed her first child Robert and soon after, Nina joined the House of Raffin as a designer where she remained for 20 years. Nina excelled as a designer, learning new styles and techniques for each of their designs. She began simply by sewing for other designers, and rose through the ranks to become the premier stylist at a couture salon. However, in 1932, Nina was eager to begin designing her own creations and with the backing from her jeweller husband, she finally took the plunge and opened her own design house in 1932.

At the age of 49, Nina formed a partnership with her only son Robert and opened her own Haute Couture House in Paris. Success soon swooped in, and just before the war the NINA RICCI firm occupied 11 floors and its workshops were filled with 450 workers. Nina continued to design gowns, working with fabrics directly on the mannequins to ensure they had the right form and lines, whilst Robert managed the business and finances.

First starting out as a dressmaker’s apprentice, Nina always had a wonderful flair for examining trends and highlighting the individual personality of her clients and embedding them in her designs. Described as the ‘Queen of Fashion’, Nina always favoured feminine styles, even during the time when a ‘boyish’ style was considered the next trend to hit the fashion industry. Nina had the ability to spot fashion potential in almost anything. With an ingrained understanding of style and women’s fashion, Nina soon discovered that women  were changing, and haute couture was only for the very privileged.

Robert was also involved in the revival of the Paris fashion industry after the war. Creating an exhibition at the Louvre Museum, Robert put on a show-stopping display of 150 mannequins dressed in the finest creations from 40 Paris couturiers, including Balenciaga, Madame Grès and of course the timeless styles of Nina Ricci herself. The exhibition was triumphant in the fashion industry and eventually went on to tour Europe and the USA. The exhibition helped Nina Ricci to get on the fashion map and soon become a brand adorned across the globe.

In 1941, Nina Ricci’s son Robert created the perfume department and in 1946 the French Fashion House Nina Ricci unveiled their first perfume, Coeur-Joie. The bottle was the original collaboration with the house’s long-standing partnership with the crystal maker Lalique. In 1948 Nina Ricci and Lalique unified again to create L'Air du Temps. Decorated with crystal doves, the bottle is embodied with love and tenderness. Created in 1951, it was designed with several variants. The intertwining Lalique crystal doves were used as the bottle’s stopper and also to reflect the peaceful mood embarked on Europe after World War II.

Created by Francis Fabron, L’Air du Temps is a cordial blend of more than 30 luxurious ingredients. Blending floral tones and sumptuous notes, the fragrance defied the tests of time and fashion and is still a fragrance that is loved today. The fragrance captured the passion of an emerging generation, as well as the beauty of Nina Ricci’s designs.

Robert Ricci wanted each of his fragrances to be a work of art. Acquiring the help of Lalique, many of Nina Ricci’s fragrances entailed the iconic design. As well as the popular Les Belles line of fragrances, Nina Ricci continued to create a number of bespoke fragrances including Farouche, Capricci, Fleur de Fleurs, Eau de Fleurs. Capturing the true essence of femininity and desire, their beautiful and vintage design is unlike no other. Even today, other renowned perfume brands have failed at an attempt of luxurious craftsmanship similar to Nina Ricci. Embarking on their own bottle style, many of their designs have survived the changing themes and styles.

In particular, L’Air du Temps has kept its fashion portfolio. Oozing spirit and creativity, the subliminal message it posses could never be replaced. Nina Ricci’s most recent perfume releases including Nina, Nina L’Elixir, and Nina L’Eau, each enthralled with a fun and floral fruity play on the Nina Ricci collection.

Of course, the most widely recognised fragrance of Nina Ricci empire is the Nina perfume. Embarking on a magical aroma immersed with an added charm, the seductive and feminine fragrance invites you on an enchanting journey of red toffee apple accents. Beautifully blended with Calabrese Lemon and Lime Caipirinha, Vanilla Infusion, Moonflower and Peony Petals, the added Apple Tree Wood, Cotton Musk and White Cedar aroma adds a distinctive scent to the fragrance.

The newest addition to the Nina Ricci collection is the sumptuous La Tentation de Nina. After collaborating with Olivier Cresp and Vincent Lemains, the fragrance represents a combination of the senses taste and smell. With a scent that is good enough to eat,  La Tentation de Nina boasts a scent of Nina macaroons deliciously topped with raspberry jam, combined with lemon drops and rose flavour. Beginning with citrus notes of bergamot and raspberry the composition of almond, lemon and Bulgarian rose absolute are softened by notes of Bourbon vanilla, white musk and sandalwood at its base. Olivier Cresp took influence from Ladurée’s mouthwatering macaroon as inspiration for the scent. Still representing the classic eye-catching designs created by Nina Ricci, La Tentation de Nina apple design truly embarks you on the delectable journey.

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