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When trying to find a fragrance, look no further than the Valentino collection. Immersing a wonderful blend of luxurious ingredients, their perfume and aftershave collection is perfect for the modern-day woman and men.


Since launching his first fashion collection over fifty years ago, Valentino Garavani has been described as one of the most prominent names in fashion. Known worldwide as Valentino, his elegant evening wear and classic designs have always been associated with some of the luxurious and eccentric styles in fashion.

A couture name whose clothes were worn and loved by a variety of A-Listers. Indulging in styles that were divine, elegant and a representation of true glamour. From on-screen royalty to glamorous wives of billionaires, admirers have always flocked to Valentino in the hope of reaching the Best Dressed List.

Therefore when it comes to fragrance, who could possibly perform better than Valentino? Each fragrance is developed with the philosophy created by Valentino: ‘A woman must cause heads to turn when she enters a room…’

Over the years, Valentino has been a name widely recognised especially in perfumery. Boasting a style just as glamorous as his fashion designs, the Valentino fragrances have been described as show-stopping, feminine and luxurious. With a whole wardrobe of perfume choices, the bespoke bottles equally demonstrate the luxury of the fragrance.Born in Voghera, Italy, in 1932, Valentino was already displaying interests in fashion, architecture and painting during his childhood. With an ingrained talent for drawing, he was prompted to study fashion design and French at the Accademia dell Arte in Milan.

From his studies, his success grew from strength to strength, which led him to further his education at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. Helping Valentino to widen his visual horizon, Valentino flourished in both his designs and studies. Continuing his education in fashion, Valentino moved to Paris and also took part in dance lessons and developed a passion for French Theatre. Awarded a prestigious price for fashion design by the International Wool Secretariat, Valentino was finally starting to get recognised.

Putting him on the fashion map, his price was later won by both Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld. After being noticed by couturier Jean Desses, Valentino took up his first design job in 1950.Branded as one of the leading and most inspirational couturiers during the Sixties, Valentino’s unique designs were being admired all across the globe. Not just stopping at fashion, Valentino soon welcomed fragrances to his timeless empire. Showcasing vibrant designs and ever so luxurious scents, the Valentino fragrances took the perfume industry by storm.

Launched in 1979, Valentino was the first fragrance released. Re-launched in 1986, the fragrance was designed by the famous Givaudan house. Combined with a unique blend of basil, citrus oil, green accords and peach, followed by carnation, cyclamen, hyacinth, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley in the middle and finishing with a base of cedar, civet, musk and oakmoss. Keeping the perfume bottle unique, yet simple, the classic design is widely recognised as the Valentino signature fragrance and is still favoured by many.

Released in September 2011, Valentina was created by master perfumers Olivier Cresp and Alberto Morrilas to resemble ‘today’s Valentino woman’. In this Italian floral Oriental aroma, the essence of uplifting Calabrian bergamot, and the radiant beauty of jasmine, Amalfi orange blossom and tuberose gloriously blends with the scent of wild strawberries. Immersed with a contrasting note of white Alba truffles, the Valentina fragrance boasts a fun and floral scent.

A light, fresh and floral interpretation of Valentina, Valentina Acqua Floreale is one of the more recent fragrances welcomed to the Valentino empire. Boasting elegant notes of sambac jasmine, orange flower, nymphea immersed with light touches of fruit and enlightened by the intensity of patchouli and vanilla. Decorated with a leather flower, the unique design truly represents the Valentino persona. Keeping the bottle simple and minimal to reflect the light and airy fragrance, the floral designs helps to add a feminine touch.

Seductive, risqué and enticing, Valentino Assoluto combines the perfect blend of white floral chypre bouquet with those touches of alba truffle. Standing for a modern heiress who knows how to ignite her sensual aura, Valentino Assoluto adds a provocative feminine twist in comparison to the Valentina Acqua Floreale. Designed by the iconic Olivier Cresp, the bottle was designed to reflect a woman’s intense femininity. Incorporating the signature leather pastel pink flower, the Valentino Assoluto is embodied with the classic Valentino style.

Unveiled in 2015, Valentino Donna, adds a subtle hint of elegance and passion, immersed with light an alluring scent. A beautiful women’s fragrance, widely adored by many. The men’s after shave counterpart,  Valentino Uomo adds a timeless modernity to the Valentino empire. With the latest addition Valentino Uomo Intense revealed in 2016, the composition delivers a typical Italian fragrance style. Indulging in suave leathery, the original fragrance, Valentino Uomo represents white leather, whilst the new version brings the intense scent of black leather.

Carefully indulged with light, fun and floral scents, the Valentino Assoluto adds a wonderful risqué touch to their perfume line.

Described as one of Italy’s finest exports, Valentino is universally admired for his fragrance and fashion collections, along with him couture creations. After retiring in January 2008, Valentino has since admitted that he still continue to sketch and indulge in his love for design and drawing.

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